An Ode to One's Bed

It is obvious now that when I said, over a month ago, that I was going to be "very sporadic" in my posting, I was very much lying. Not that I knew it at the time, but a lie nonetheless.

But that's ok! I'm back now! In celebration this post is about the thing that one (a.k.a. me) tends to dream about when sleeping on couches and uncomfortable trundler beds when you are overseas and have no say about where you sleep: your own bed.
One's own bed is a very special thing. You may not have spectacular linen and a fabulous mattress and a bronzed bed frame, but it is yours and it is where you rest each night and thus it is important. Beds, in my opinion, also radiate a special sort of calm. Looking at a photograph of a bed (in a bedroom, that is an essential) can be quite meditative, very peaceful. And World of Interiors, of course, produce the best, most peaceful photos of beds out.

So put on some jazz or white noise and peruse through these...

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