Game of Thrones and Fashion!

I have this great friend Billie who does fun stuff like dream up what designers/collections characters from Game of Thrones would wear. I reckon she got Cersei in Alexander Mcqueen A/W'10 and Daenerys (or Khaleesi for you t.v. watchers) in Rodarte S/S'10 down to a tee. So of course I had to make use of my most excellent photoshop skills and turn this into a visual reality.

So let's start with the matriarchs. Catelyn is super classy and smart so, duh, Dries van Noten for her. And although she is a Tully she's a woman of the north too, so I could definitely see her in furs. Cersei speaks for herself, although I don't think she'd wear that head thing.

Daenerys and Melisandre are another pair of strong, self-posessed women. That's what is so great about Game of Thrones, finally we have fantasy with fully developed female characters! Billie could see Daenerys in tribal-y Rodarte and so can I. Melisandre is a perfect fit for gothic Givenchy IMO.

And finally a couple of the younger ladies. Sansa is sweet and sweet = Louis Vuitton S/S12. The similarity in this image to Angela Anaconda is purely coincidental. And I was pretty pleased with this last one (not with the photoshop! The matching) because Ygritte lives in the cold so has to wear fur all the time, but she is also pretty saucy and so this Michael Kors is pefect.

I tried to find something for Arya, I really did, but I just don't think she'd wear anything that came down a runway.


That Time Again

It's Resort time again, and I'll parrot what I said six months ago that Resort, like Pre-Fall, is generally pretty boring. It does have its merits though, one being that the presentation can be a little more creative because it's not such a big deal, like a fun side project! Well, ideally anyway.
Givenchy was tops this season, and whaddaya know? Straight after posting about him it seems that Riccardo Tisci's been thinking about Jason Evans too. The photographs are remarkably similar - framing, posing, setting, and lighting all either the same or running parallel. I'd like to think that there really is a connection, coincidence isn't nearly as interesting.

Oh right I should probably say something about the clothes. I liked the prints? Yeah the print mashing was cool. I liked the shoes. Wow this criticism is so inspiring. To be honest I'm probably biased by the photography, but even with a studio backdrop I think the clothes would speak for themselves. Tisci's Givenchy is getting more and more progressive, and I don't mean that his clothes look futuristic but that these are the kind of clothes we'll be seeing more of over the next few years. You never know what your decade or your era looks like when you're in it, but I think the 2010s might look a bit like this.

all images from vogue.com 


Art and Fashion #5

You know what really bugs me? Whenever somebody or something is described as cutting down borders or blurring boundaries or smashing barriers between art/design/fashion/music/film/architecture/books/whatever else these hack writers can think of. First of all, it's cliched and sounds lame, second of all these people are never actually achieving that (Pharrell isn't cutting down borders between music and design because he is a musician who designed something), and third of all, it's not like there really are these metaphorical barriers that need to get cut down! I'm fine with having different mediums that occasionally bleed into each other!

But, ahem. Having said all of that, I really adore these photos which some may describe as CUTTING DOWN THE BORDERS BETWEEN ART AND FASHION. I'm not going to describe them like that of course, I am just going to say that these photographs by Jason Evans were taken for Dazed and Confused but bought by the Tate Modern. Which is interesting. Because rarely is fashion related photography taken that seriously, and I found these via Jason Evans, not Dazed and Confused, and didn't even consider them fashion photographs until I learnt otherwise. They do just seem like portraits, which really is some kind of achievement for the stylist Simon Foxton.

You can read all about them properly here.

Images taken from the Tate website


One of the Best Things Ever

I'm in a pretty positive mood so I've decided to post one of my favourite *speshul* things. I'm talking a top-five collection no doubt. Fashion's hall of fame without question. One of the best things ever hands down. I am talking... CHRISTOPHER KANE WINTER '09

Ok so of course it's all subjective, I'll concede that this might not be one of the best things ever, but this collection will always have a special place in my heart. I can't pin down exactly why it is so excellent, maybe it's all that modern plaid that reps Kane's Scottish roots, or the metallic velvet and cashmere cardigans, or the stripes and lines that were everywhere, or maybe I've just been swayed by the flat shoes and non-hair and non-makeup. Maybe it's because it's just so damned cohesive! A single wonderful statement. Anyways, I'll leave you to just look at it.

Ooh though I do wanna say that Jessica Stam seemed like weird casting - she's got way too much attitude and is way too sexy compared to all these sullen cool Kane girls. There is angle to her hips! It looks like she's clicking along to music!