One of the Best Things Ever

I'm in a pretty positive mood so I've decided to post one of my favourite *speshul* things. I'm talking a top-five collection no doubt. Fashion's hall of fame without question. One of the best things ever hands down. I am talking... CHRISTOPHER KANE WINTER '09

Ok so of course it's all subjective, I'll concede that this might not be one of the best things ever, but this collection will always have a special place in my heart. I can't pin down exactly why it is so excellent, maybe it's all that modern plaid that reps Kane's Scottish roots, or the metallic velvet and cashmere cardigans, or the stripes and lines that were everywhere, or maybe I've just been swayed by the flat shoes and non-hair and non-makeup. Maybe it's because it's just so damned cohesive! A single wonderful statement. Anyways, I'll leave you to just look at it.

Ooh though I do wanna say that Jessica Stam seemed like weird casting - she's got way too much attitude and is way too sexy compared to all these sullen cool Kane girls. There is angle to her hips! It looks like she's clicking along to music!

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