That Time Again

It's Resort time again, and I'll parrot what I said six months ago that Resort, like Pre-Fall, is generally pretty boring. It does have its merits though, one being that the presentation can be a little more creative because it's not such a big deal, like a fun side project! Well, ideally anyway.
Givenchy was tops this season, and whaddaya know? Straight after posting about him it seems that Riccardo Tisci's been thinking about Jason Evans too. The photographs are remarkably similar - framing, posing, setting, and lighting all either the same or running parallel. I'd like to think that there really is a connection, coincidence isn't nearly as interesting.

Oh right I should probably say something about the clothes. I liked the prints? Yeah the print mashing was cool. I liked the shoes. Wow this criticism is so inspiring. To be honest I'm probably biased by the photography, but even with a studio backdrop I think the clothes would speak for themselves. Tisci's Givenchy is getting more and more progressive, and I don't mean that his clothes look futuristic but that these are the kind of clothes we'll be seeing more of over the next few years. You never know what your decade or your era looks like when you're in it, but I think the 2010s might look a bit like this.

all images from vogue.com 

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