Pari Dukovic - Art and Fashion #6

I have a handful of blogs that I read daily, and The New York Times' The Cut would have to be my favourite. I knew that they would be unveiling a new overhaul soon, but I was happily surprised to discover that the day has arrived! And if the first feature is anything to go by, this incarnation will a be a roaring success.

To kick off the new feature - a super-large-format, high-resolution image slideshow -  is a series of 63 photographs from Pari Dukovic, taken over the F/W 2012 fashion month. I am totally amped about Pari Dukovic at the moment. He seemed to come out of nowhere the season before with some seriously unusual and seriously compelling show photography. The big fashion photographers of course work in editorial - but this Pari, he's turning shows into an art worthy subject.

Part of what makes the photos so wonderful, and so different, is their texture. I don't know what camera he uses but at times the photos are so grainy they look sketched. How refreshing is it to be reminded of the materiality of a photograph! Ironic, I know, since I'm seeing these on a computer screen, but you can just imagine their physical glory.

For those of us who, like me, only experience these events through pictures, Dukovic's photographs create a world even more fantastical and evocative than before. Who would want to attend the reality of a show when you can attend Dukovic's more sublime vision of reality!

all images by Pari Dukovic (duh) from The Cut

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