Slashing with Rodriguez and Saunders

I really love how the stars have aligned for Narciso Rodriguez lately. His 90s minimalist look is coming back in vogue, and he's also simultaneously churning out his best collections in a long while. Maybe it's this very focus back on simplicity that's reinvigorating him.

For Spring 2013 the collection's best looks were these billowing chiffon dresses with the geometric layering print. And then the same kind of thing popped up in Jonathan Saunders for one of his best collections yet! It still amazes me how this synchronicity happens with different designers, on completely different continents. Yet it happens season after season! I mean, Jonathan Saunders even had massive graphic stripes like the ones at Marc Jacobs.

It's neat how Saunders is influenced by this 90s minimalism, so he also throws in some other 90s stuff like high halter necks. It's cute or something. But I dunno about the Tim Burton Willy Wonka sunglasses, although the blow-up doll lipstick was kinda cool in a perverse way.

all images from vogue.com

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