A Whole New World

I tell ya, I get all Aladdin every time I read a new issue of World of Interiors. There is this whole universe of interior design and decorating and furniture and textiles that I never knew existed, and dipping your toes into it is terrifying. Googling "Louis XVI furniture"? "Moroccan tiles"? Whoa, don't do it man unless you want your mind to be blown. I guess it's like walking into a record shop and saying "I'm getting into classical music - what can you recommend?"

But I can take baby steps. One step was appreciating this beautiful editorial (editorial? I don't know the lingo when it comes to interiors rather than fashion) from the November 2012 issue on contemporary printed fabrics. 

It's far easier googling the name of individual designers, and I've found a couple of favourite textile designers. Sure they don't have much competition for my "favourite" status yet, but I'm sure they'd still stack up once my knowledge expands.

Katie Ridder is routinely described as being "whimsical", but I hate that adjective so I'll say elegantly graphic with a keen and restrained sense of colour. The "attendants" print (below, top left), which can be see in one of the sacks above, is my favourite.

Soane Britain doesn't portray figures or objects in the same way as Ridder, rather they use mesmerizing  deceptively simple, and wholly encompassing patterns, employing once again colours that I just want to eat. That pinky-red is like the jam from sponge cakes, that orange like the juiciest mandarin.

But it must be said I'm already regretting becoming interested in interiors. I thought my relationship with fashion was expensive - but it couldn't prepare me for £150 - £276 for a metre of any of this fabric. I'll have to resign myself to gazing at their representations on the computer screen.

images from respective designers' websites & World of Interiors magazine

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