Honorary Big Sister

As a girl, it's a real relief having Sofia Coppola around. It's gender-affirming to watch one of her movies, they're absolutely, positively feminine and about women, which is actually pretty rare. And I know that Somewhere's protagonist is a dude, but his daughter is also there, and she's like the driving life-force of the movie which really counts for more. Anyway, having movies about girls are so rare that they get classified as girly movies, rather than just, you know, movies. How come The Shawshank Redemption doesn't get called a dudey movie huh? One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest? No-one's ever like "son you should really watch it because it's about men and I think you'd relate". People are going to recommend it to anyone, because it's a movie and it's good. Same should go for Sofia Coppola! Boy now I'm getting myself mad, and slightly off-topic, I should get back to my point. My point which is that Sofia Coppola is great, the movies are great, and should really just be considered as such, but since us girls have such slim pickings we are going to hold them close to our hearts, write about them in our journals, put them on our mood boards, and watch them with our little sisters.

Aiding Sofia's place as the figurehead of all that has ovaries is that fact that she embodies that particular kind of big sister cool. I'm sure many girls feel she'd be an ideal big sister, aiding you in the ways of the world, but remaining so super hip that she will always be way out of your league. In this way she makes an ideal aspirational figure. Such is Sofia's legacy and reach that even Vogue recently acknowledged this. Janelle Brown wrote a 'Nostalgia' piece in the December 2012 issue about buying and falling in love with her first home, and it was framed by the story of her young self reading a spread about Sofia Coppola and Spike Jonze's "chic modernist abode", to which she aspired. What I love about this is that I was able to seek and find the very spread she fantasized over back in 2000, and let me tell you, it will make your girly heart swell for Sofia even more.

Man since Sofia and Spike divorced this doesn't exist anymore, it's just gonna have to sadly exist in my imagination. Or maybe it's still there, intact, stuck in the limbo that is the divorce settlement. Maybe that ping pong table sits there today, weathered from the rain and the wind and receiving no warmth from the cold light of the winter Californian sun. Also of note is the amazing font used for the featured quotes. Eight years ago I wondered what visuals would define the early 2000s. Without a doubt we've got a member here.

If you want a nice large image so you can read the article, just ask and I'll e-mail it to you!

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  1. sure please send me the article. drusdrus-at-gmail.com
    I'm sure Sofia & the guy from Phoenix have a nice house now too!
    ere's a Phoenix video from the family Coppola . .