Fall Fur Frenzy

The fur this season was nuts. It was pink! It was blue! It was huge! It was cropped! It was wider than it was tall! It was real! It was fake! It was all this and much more. Fur has emerged gloriously into my consciousness, shedding its past life as the coat material of choice for both oligarchs and London girls with messy hair and a fervent nostalgia. Even though I am a meat eater and leather wearer, I have always, subconciously, without thinking about it too much, believed fur wearing to be a rather immoral activity, leaning towards PETA rather than Anna in these matters. But now that the proliferation of fur on the runway has brought the subject to the fore I'm thinking the matter through, and I've come to the conclusion that it is ridiculous that I eat meat/wear leather etc when I don't do fur. But instead of deciding to give up animal related products, I am going to greet another one with open arms (except for those poor animals which are killed just for their fur. I am not sure which ones these are, and which of these are endangered, but I endeavor to make sure any fur on my back is not it (that is if I ever have enough disposal income to actually buy a fur coat, which won't happen anytime soon)).

all images from vogue.com


  1. Did you see the Fendi fur skirts? Now that was insane, fur frenzy to the max!

  2. ahhh yes! Fendi Fall Fur Frenzy!