Hate to Love #1

The Spring/Summer ’12 collections are showing at the moment, but I thought I won’t write about them yet because you need a bit of time to get a proper perspective on things – even after a week the shows you thought were amazing can seem kinda lackluster. So instead I’m going to look at those collections that you do 180s on. I’ve done the hate/love thing a few times, but I thought I’d start with Prada because it was the first.
I have to admit, when I saw Prada’s SS10 collection for the first time, I was confused. I was confused and unhappy. It all seemed so lightweight, so disappointing after the moody wool and waders of fall. There were barely any clothes on the models and what was there seemed half finished. The prints were strange and washed out. There were cycling shorts.

But then something wonderful happened, I watched the collection’s campaign video and BAM it all made sense. The metallic holiday prints, the raw edging, the chandeliers, everything. It probably took seeing those chandeliers in motion to do it. And all of a sudden this collection went from something I loathed to one of my most loved collections OF ALL TIME.

I may still not get the cycling shorts (at all) but that’s ok because I get the collection as a whole. And there is something about the satisfaction you get when there’s a personal history behind a collection – the hatred, the first pangs of love, the grand epiphany – which is more rewarding than instantly loving a collection (and then probably later hating it because you end up thinking about it way too much). Gosh I’m coming across all romantic – a love fought for is a longer lasting love (or something).

And finally, let’s not forget those shoes.

                                      runway photos from vogue.com and accessories photos from style.com

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