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This isn't about fashion but it's still about how things look so... it fits! It's all aesthetics after all. There's this fantastic magazine called World of Interiors, which IMO isn't good just because of its interiors but also because of the architecture that comes with it. You can get quite a few architecture/design magazines but I think you should avoid most of them because they are v. pretentious (ahem Wallpaper), and lack a certain... soul. World of Interiors, on the other hand, has an abundance of soul. It features the houses and apartments and studios and castles of writers and artists and designers and regular folk from all over the world, and they are all photographed incredibly beautifully.

                                                                        Yves Saint Laurent's bathroom!

Y'know it does have somewhat of a link to fashion. For one thing, the way the magazine is organised is very similar to fashion magazines - the first half of the magazine is about products or reviews and bits and bobs, with the second half dedicated to photo-heavy spreads. For fashion this is editorials, and for World of Interiors it is pages and pages of these beautiful spaces. And for another thing, many of the writers and owners of the houses are sneakily connected to fashion. You've got Yves Saint Laurent's house in the country, Hamish Bowles' Parisian apartment and even one of the homes of Anna Wintour herself.

                                                                              The writer Goethe's house

Out here on the internet you can get a similar-ish kind of deal with The Selby. He has some pretty nice photos too, but I don't like it so much because I find the main focus is on the people who live in the spaces. It's not "this house is designed immaculately" it is "LOOK INSIDE OLIVIER ZAHM'S BEDROOM HE HAS COOL STUFF". World of Interiors doesn't (often) put people in the spaces. It let's you focus on the aesthetics and that is what gives the photos such a beautiful sense of stillness and peace.

It doesn't restrict itself to design either, and has features on art and festivals and all sorts of wonderful things - one of my favourite's was about the man who maintains the clocks at Versaille.

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