Sassy Lady

This is just a neat editorial from Vogue Russia which does ladylike 50s, just like every other damned magazine on the planet, but doesn't make me yawn. It could be due to the inclusion of some Meadham Kirchoff, and it could be in large part due to Meghan Collison who has that knack of always looking pissed off, and a little bit scary, and like she smoked at school and still smokes now. And come to think of it how did one reviewer describe her in the Miu Miu show? "She [Prada] opened with a model who let's just say doesn't belong to the Natasha Poly school of good looks". This could be interpreted as an insult, but Natasha Poly is totally boring, so really it's a compliment.

Here is also a still shot from a fashion film she was in for T Magazine a while ago, and here is the link the the 'film'. She got sent to real life clairvoyants all dolled up and the results were sneakily filmed. The video is overly dramatic in film-student kind of way, but still spooky and moody.

My sister just came in while I was finishing this post and said "she looks like Lorelai Gilmore" (you know, from Gilmore Girls) which could embarrassingly explain why I like her but could also explain why everyone else likes her too - maybe Miuccia Prada watches Gilmore Girls! I really hope she does. I hope that every time she makes a statement about feminism, Rory and Lorelai Gilmore are informing her opinions. One day an interviewer will be pressing her for more details on her views about the role of women in society, and she will throw her hands up and cry "Please I do not know! I just watch Gilmore Girls!".

Editorial images from Fashion Gone Rogue
Last image from T Magazine

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