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My sister, when trying to get me to watch Blue Valentine, would always argue that while technically it should depress you a lot, it doesn't because the clothes in it are just too good. I eventually got around to seeing it and now wholeheartedly agree. Most girls probably spend half the movie admiring Michelle Williams' threads, and half the time feeling sad, which is a pretty good result overall really. Another movie whose sartorial side I spend a lot of time thinking about is Drive (RyGos again!), and so it makes total sense that both films should have the same costume designer. It was a real 'ah!' moment when I stumbled upon an article on Erin Benach, the genius in question, and her small yet shining resume was revealed.

For Blue Valentine, and I do not say this lightly, the costumes truly helped me understand Williams' character. Good and sweet and vulnerable, but also a bit battered and working class and damaged. Here my words can't really explain it, but the clothes can!

Now for some Drive! A lot of chambray, a lot of sweet-heart necklines, a lot of anguished faces.

The films all have a lot in common, RyGos, bad boys (well, bad RyGos's), vulnerable/tough leading ladies, difficult situations (to put it mildly). But what ties them together in that rather more intangible way, in terms of aesthetic and vibes, are the costumes. Oooh and what do we have here? Another RyGos turn as a bad boy? More Benach? Only the trailer and a few screen shots are out, but I already feel with The Place Beyond the Pines we've got another film to sit quite nicely alongside these other two.

boy these images are from all over the show, uhhh...
a couple from Erin Benach's own website
lots from this great hi-def screen cap site

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