Penn; Flowers

Not Sean! Although I will forgive you for thinking that. Here we're talking about Irving, and here we're talking about flowers. Glorious, glorious flowers. As one commenter said on a random forum "nice lighting, good photos". Quite.

Saw these beauties in the Diana Vreeland documentary (which, if anything, has taught me it's deeee-anna, not die-anna) during one of the many swooping shots of opened magazine pages. In most of those shots I dived for the pause button - if only Harper's Bazaar had an online archive like Vogue...
But gawd I mean really. These were commissioned for a fashion magazine? Not to put fashion magazines down, but goodness that's radical. Including original work from a fine artist, even one who works most of the time in fashion photography, would be unthinkable in most major monthlies these days. It was unthinkable back then! But that's what makes Vreeland the visionary she was.

Voila! Des fleurs! (Les fleurs? Whatever)

images from all over the show, but original source is late sixties, early seventies issues of Vogue

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