Girl Crush

I have an unashamed girl crush on Emma Stone. I get genuinely excited whenever she makes a red carpet appearance and can look a those creepy sets of paparazzi photos of her for hours. She dresses so well! And sure I know I know, any movie star has a stylist but still, she has to choose a good stylist and approve her clothes right? Right?
She is also v. funny and talented and stuff, and she doesn't bullshit around being ambitious (falsely modest and "I just fell into this" actresses are the worst), so that's like girl power! I think. I am totally projecting but please allow me to do this. She has one of those crazy Taylor Swift cat-eye faces but she is still sexy too I want to be you Emma or can I be your best friend please. 

Oh boy let's look at Emma Stone in pretty clothes

And let's look at Emma Stone channeling Ferris Bueller

And let's just look at her face

So excited for Spiderman guys!

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