Harmony Korine/Proenza Schouler

Even though I love him to bits, have always loved him to bits and will always love him to bits, Harmony Korine is way too hip to have ever not been involved in fashion. It's always kind of cute when directors come together with labels, and often everyone ends up looking a little bit silly - the director going too commercial and lightweight and the designers coming across as a bit earnest.
But Korine never took himself too seriously (actually did he? I'm not so sure now), and his work is always random and all over the place so I think his stuff for Proenza Schouler works.

These are the stills for his 'film' for their AW'10 collection Act da Fool

And here is the video!

Korine apparently took inspiration from this Christopher Wool photo:

In interviews about it Hernandez and McCollough said they were expecting Korine to do something in New York and with skaters (before hiring him hadn't they seen anything of his after Kids?). And in other random thoughts about it, I don't know how I feel about the 'da' in the title, it's probably Korine trying to be ridiculous (or absurdist if you wanted to use a fancier word) but it sure works as ignition for youtube comment arguments.

But this is all old news! Now Korine and Proenza Schouler have a fancy new 'film' called Snowballs. I liked the old man! He really drove the narrative I thought, when it was just the two injuns there didn't seem to be much drive, much purpose.
And I don't know if this was an intentional decision, but it's interesting how the two models are white, and playing dress ups in Native American clothes - is it a comment on cultural appropriation? Is it making their 'navajo' printed clothes acceptable? Am I reading too much into this? (Probably)

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