Kelly in Japan

So Kelly Mittendorf is the new kooky girl, and usually kooky girls are immensely annoying, but luckily they usually only last one or two seasons. But Kelly Mittendorf is totally different. Sure she may have the strange, almost ugly face of a kooky girl, but if her latest editorial in Vogue Japan is anything to go by, she is way more versatile than your average oddity.
Check out her facials! Like, not her face (which is weird), but her expressions. There is variety there but she doesn't look awkward, and she's rocking some pretty awesome poses and they don't look awkward either. It's like she's been been practising in front of a mirror, and I respect a girl who swots up. But of course there's that element that can't be taught and I think she got it. 

Also, as an aside, Vogue Japan editorials are usually pretty amazing. The creative direction (not even starting to look at styling) is that much different from Vogue Japan's Western counterparts, and they do things with colour and composition that put other editorials to shame. And you can see its effectiveness here! Most of these clothes have been done to death, but now they look new again.

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