Marc Jacobs and Hats

I couldn't avoid writing about the Marc Jacobs show, and even harder to avoid were those hats (badum-tsh). I would like to just put it out there that I thought the hats were in no way funny or artistic or clever or interesting or ironic but they were offensively bad and hugely distracting from the clothes. I would even go as far to say that in the six or so hours since the show, I have outright hated them. If you haven't seen them yet and want to you are going to have to go somewhere else because I'm going to crop out the heads in order to see how the clothes look:

Ah much better. How rad are those embellishments?? Now I don't want to be a drag but overall I prefered the more somber looks. As a whole the more colourful looks seemed too self-consciously zany, a little forced - however that impression could wholly be blamed on those damned hats. Sarah Mower has already made large claims that this collection "reestablished the radical idea that fashion can still be free to be creative and cross over with art". Sure MJ may have collaborated with artist Rachel Feinstein on this one, but I think that fashion and art have more to do together than clashing tinsel (as an aside, do you think the tinsel woven looks were scratchy for the models?).

I liked the more toned-down looks because you could really focus on the completely bananas shapes that were being thrown out. I mean that man can really do things with proportions! And it's nice to see an acknowledgment that women have hips. For me, in black the textures became more luscious too; I wish I could have seen those dark shimmering dresses in person.

I did not like paisley at Jil Sander or Stella McCartney but here I've been won over. Perhaps it has something to do with sparkles. A part from shaping, Jacobs also has an innate knack with shine and I for one am incredibly grateful for that.

On a final note, the Valentines Day reference was pretty cute. I wonder whose job it was to choose the rose, and how long they spent finding the perfect one.

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