Stevie and Russh

She's not as well known as Grace Coddington or Katie Grand or Venetia Scott, but Stevie Dance is truly one of the best stylists working today. I've always known her as the muscle behind Russh, from when she was just styling up until she was the editor. Dance is also what made Russh the great magazine that it is - before her it was good, but it took Dance to get you excited about an editorial. It's hard to explain exactly why Dance is so excellent, but I think it has something to do with her presenting clothes as part of a story rather than as well designed objects. She said herself she's more into the story than into trends, and as a result a Dance shoot will take you anywhere from a juvenile runaway with her delinquent boyfriend to a girl who likes metal just hanging out in her apartment.
And now she's left the magazine and I was incredibly surprised and all doom and gloom about Russh's future. A couple of issues are out under the new editor Jess Blanch and its clear that it's, y'know, still good, but gone is my excitement for the new issue to land at the shops.

This is one of many of my favourite Dance styled editorials, and is how the world got introduced properly to Julia Nobis. Over the next few weeks I'll be posting more because they are just too good not to be here.

Also it seems that I keep coming back to Julia Nobis. I'm really not one of these model watchers or obsessives or whatever, but I cannot lie that Nobis is my fave. 


  1. Like your comments on Stevie Dance. Have you seen her shoots at Oyster Mag- better than ever

  2. Yes it's interesting seeing how her style translates in other magazines. And I'm excited about what she'll do in the future!