Thoughts on Calvin Klein

I was driving around town about a month ago and kept seeing those Girl with a Dragon Tattoo posters everywhere, and I realised that this was one pop culture thing that had completely passed me by. I had had absolutely no interest in it before, but the thought that I knew nothing about something that millions loved and even critics adored, well that I couldn't stand. So to Wikipedia and Youtube I went. I love me a good trailer, I think they are an art forum unto themselves and I wish there was an Oscars for trailers because damn the trailer for this movie was GOOD. Right up there with the trailer for The Social Network with the acapella version of Radiohead's Creep. I think the key is definitely the song choice, I remember the first Wall-E trai- woah ok I'm getting way off topic. To make up for lost time: Francisco Costa went all Lisbeth Salander for Calvin Klein and it was all dark and cool except for the orange which totally sucked.

The dim lighting for the show was perfect because it enhanced the textured graininess of the charcoal wools, and the effect is especially enhanced when reproduced in photographs. The collection was also best when Costa experimented with the materials' textures - panelling sheer black and dark grey wool was fantastic, especially when paired with a salt-and-pepper knitted woolen sweater.

And these are the dresses I want to see on Sunday.

All images from vogue.com

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