Art and Fashion #2

A couple of years ago I got a CD of Lied (which is the word for German individual operatic songs (ooo fancy)) as a Christmas or birthday present, and on the cover was this painting:

Usually classical music CD covers are incredibly tacky, so it was a nice change to have something other than air-brushed lady musicians in strapless evening gowns clutching a violin or sheet music like some awkward, sexy prop. Not only that but the painting is totally kick-ass.
It was painted by Ferdinand Hodler, who was this Swiss guy painting around the late 19th/early 20th centuries, and most of his work, along with this piece, is really similar to Gustav Klimt and Egon Schiele in subject and style. And what I initially loved about this painting is boy does this woman look capable. Not only that but quite sublimely calm. It's called Lied aus der Ferne which I think means "Mountain Song", so it's like she is about to burst into song, with the hills as her audience.

But more important is that amazing blue dress. I looked into other works by Ferdinand Hodler, and the blue dress seems to be something of a motif. I don't know what it symbolises or means, but I do know that they are incredibly beautiful in their simplicity and have an almost utalitarian feeling.

So what I've been wondering is, was there just one woman in his life who had this dress? The more I look at his paintings the more it seems he is repeating the same dress over and over, like he has one model with just one outfit. And why did he pick this dress? Is there a spiritual meaning? There is so much intrigue! I want answers dammit.

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