Milan Substitute

I really wanted to post another Milan show, but there just wasn't anything good enough (yes my standards are that high). Jil Sander was... interesting but I thought the whole thing was a little early 90s in a very bad, boxy, raw silk kind of way. I'm not even sure if raw silk was used but it had that feeling - take look at the detail shots, I mistook a couple for circa-1989 Lagerfeld Chanel.

But I don't want to deprive you good people of Italian sass, so as a substitute here is one of my favourite Bruce Weber shoots with one of my favourite models, Lara Stone, for Italian Vogue.
I've edited some of the raunchier images because well I'M A PRUDE THAT WAY. No it's really because I don't think a three-way with a sleazy old man sends the right messages.

How does she manage to make a pencil skirt and black cardigan not look like a secretary's outfit?

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