Minor Spaghetti Strap Resurgence

So one random thing that I noticed and liked at the New York shows in particular was a small resurgence in spaghetti straps! Now I was too young in 1999 to go to the school ball or prom or whatever, but I wasn't too young to idolise the girls that did and I can certainly remember the slinky red spaghetti strap gowns that they'd all wear. Oh they were beautiful. And so of course in my head anything spaghetti strap is the most beautiful thing ever and is a symbol of beauty and womanhood and ball/prom attendance.
Calvin Klein embraced it wholeheartedly with the kind of dresses you wear to look simultaneously virginal and sexually vivacious.

Marc Jacob's spaghetti straps had a little more attitude.

And Karen Walker had a bit of a crack at it too (actually more fantastic at her show was the hair and make-up, but I'll have to devote a whole post to that)

Now generally I'm pretty suspicious about the whole 90s resurgence that's been going of for far too long now, but this, this is ok in my books. It's subtler.
And in a similar strappy vein, I'm liking the return of strappy heels too, I've been getting tired of chunky platforms at every show every season. Here are some excellent strappy shoes from this season and last for you to admire.

All this talk of spaghetti straps has brought back a newspaper headline I once read from long ago... "Teen Fashion Trend Banned on Waiheke Island School Due to Sun-Exposure" - we must remember that there was a darker side to spaghetti straps too.

Calvin Klein and Marc Jacobs photos from vogue.com 
Karen Walker and footwear photos from style.com

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