Christopher Kane S/S 2012

I've always had a soft spot for Christopher Kane, and out of all the London shows he's who I look forward to most. Unfortunately I build him up in my head each year and am always a little bit disappointed (life lesson: expect the worst in everything and you'll be happily surprised a lot of the time). He hasn't really lived up to my personal hype since S/S 2010 (Lolita in gingham), and I initially had that same disappointment this time around.
But then I was reading a review from fashionista.com which said that the photos didn't do the collection justice at all. This is often the case, so when the photos aren't great you need to watch a video of the show, and luckily models.com already have a one up! It's only one minute long but that's enough, finally you can see the lightness and luminescence that all the reviews were going on about.


And you know what? After watching the video, the photos improve too! Because you now understand them - instead of the first few looks just seeming washed out now it's all HOW ABOUT THOSE METALLICS:



I also like how the other florals are like the reverse of his embroided-leather florals from a few seasons back. One look is totally light, the other is totally dark.


And then everything enters another level with the insane beading. I mean it almost rivals the beading in that Chanel Couture show and Kane is just some London newbie! (Relative term, of course)


Hmmm in the photos the footwear kinda looks like Zuckerberg-y Adidas sandals, but really they're fantastic. They are very wrong and very right at the same time, which also goes for that one pair of jeans thrown in (so random).


This is a prime example of why you shouldn't necessarily report on shows right away! (although I understand style.com that you need to get them out quickly) Had I given you my initial thoughts it would have all been "bleugh' and "meh". And now I'm back to over-hyping Kane's next collections.

                                                                                    all photos from vogue.com

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